In a Crisis? 

  If you are in a crisis and need urgent help or advice, the following information may be useful.  If you are in a real emergency, remember to telephone 999 and ask for the appropriate service.
  Asylum Seekers  

A local organisation which can help asylum seekers and refugees is:

Also of help are:

 - Palm Cove Society  

  Debt and Money Advice  

If you need help and advice about debt, managing your money or grants/loans, the following may help:

- Buttle UK (information on grants)

- Citizens Advice

- National Debtline 

   - StepChange

  Drugs and Alcohol  

If you, or someone in your family, are having problems with drugs or alcohol, contact the following organisation for their help:

     - Al-Anon
- Change, Grow, Live 

   Forced Marriage
   See the following websites for information on Forced Marriages: 

     Mental Health

  If you're looking for information, counselling or someone to talk to, the following can help:






 These two documents may be useful to you:

- /Portals/5/Practitioners/managing-difficult-feelings.pdf

- /Portals/5/Practitioners/suicide-prevention-leaflet.pdf

  Housing and Homelessness

The following may be able to help you if you are have nowhere to stay or think you may become homeless soon:

- Wakefield Council


 Sexual Health
 If you are looking for advice about your sexual health, you may find the following websites useful:

- Sexwise

- Terrence Higgins Trust

- WF Youth

- Spectrum Health

- Yorkshire Mesmac

Staying Safe 


If you are dealing with any issues which you feel are affecting your safety, the following may be of help:

- Bullying

- Childline

- Rape Crisis

- Self Harm (support for those impacted by self-harm)  

- The Calm Zone (self harm support for young men aged 15-35) 

- The Hideout (for children and adults dealing with domestic abuse)

- The Site (general information on lots of different areas) 

- Women's Aid

  Other Useful Links

- Samaritans or call them locally on 01924 377011