Top 5 Revision Hacks (8th May 2018)
No matter how many times people say "you'll be fine", that list of exam dates can still look pretty daunting.

But even though you may never love exams (who does?) this doesn't have to be a time for stress and anxiety.

Try our revision tips to see you through.

Get organised

There's no such thing as being fashionably late to an exam.  Take a photo of your exam timetable and make sure you know where you need to be, on which day and at what time.

Get going

Would you suggest that a marathon runner does 26 miles the night before a big race? Nope. Chances are that cramming the night before an exam will leave you feeling just as exhausted, so start revising in good time. Which leads us on to...

Get some kip

Your brain works better after a full night's sleep, so go to bed at a decent time and those important revision notes will come flooding back when you need them.

Get some help

Believe it or not, mates can be useful. If you're struggling to get your head around a subject, or to remember certain facts and figures, try explaining it to a friend or get them to test you. Speaking out loud can help to make things clear.

Get outside

Even if it's raining. A quick walk around the block (or to your mate's for the tip above) can be just enough to reboot the system and get your brain back in gear.

Over to you. Get cracking and good luck!


*It's worth saying, sometimes things don't go to plan. If you want a chat with a Connexions Careers Adviser you can give us a ring on 01924 371579 or message us on Facebook.