Administrative Apprentice

Administrative Apprentice - Tenter Balk Lane-Adwick

Author: Lesley
Brief Overview: To provide administrative support to the Outwood Institute of Education, the Yorkshire & The Humber Maths Hub and the Outwood English Hub, including reprographics, database and record management, customer facing services, event services and all aspects of administrative duties.
Wage:  £203.50  per week
Working Hours: 8am-4pm Mon – Thurs with 30 minutes lunch ( 7.5hours a day) and 8am – 3:30pm on Friday with 30 minutes lunch.

Total hours per week: 37.00

Location:  Outwood Conference Centre, Tenter Balk Lane,Doncaster,DN6 7EQ
Working Towards:  
  • Level 3 in Business Administration

This training programme focuses on developing your administration skills.

The Qualification aims to grow your existing skillset in the following key areas:

  • Business Support services
  • Marketing Support
  • Project Management
  • Supporting the organisation of events
  • Customer Service
  • Developing IT skills
  • Telephone Skills
  • Managing Information and Data
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)
  • Functional Skills as required
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills

All candidates take part in an initial intense training programme at the start of the selection process.

During this period our experienced staff will prepare candidates for their placements by giving them the foundations that they will need for securing a placement.

Our employability team will also be on hand to support with interview skills ready for your placement interview.

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Apprentice Commercial Vehicle Body Builder

Micra Truck Bodies Ltd

Author: Liz
Brief Overview: As an apprentice commercial vehicle body builder, you will be working in a workshop environment 4 days a week alongside fully qualified employees. The remaining one day a week will be spent at college. In our workshop, we design and build commercial vehicle bodies using a range of skills, tools and machinery. 
Wage:  £180.00 per week.
Working Hours: Monday to Thursday: 7 am- 16:30 pm Fri 8 am - 12 pm) Total hours per week: 40.00.
Location:  Unit 12, Calder Vale Road, Wakefield, WF1 5PE
Working Towards: You will complete a two year Level 2 Apprenticeship programme, which will include the following:

NVQ Units Completed Year 1: 

  • QPEO2/001: Working safely in an engineering environment 
  • QPEO2/002: Working efficiently and effectively in engineering 
  • QPEO2/003: Using and communicating technical information 
  • QPEO2/022: Producing sheet metal components and assemblies 
  • QPEO2/023: Producing platework components and assemblies
  • QPEO2/024: Cutting and shaping materials using thermal cutting equipment

Diploma Units Completed Year 2 (Technical Certificate): 

  • QETI/001: Engineering environment awareness 
  • QETI/002: Engineering techniques 
  • QETI/003: Engineering principals 
  • QETI/008Manual welding techniques
  • QETI/009Producing components from metal plate
  • QETI/012Thermal cutting techniques

Additional Elements: 

  • Functional Skills in maths and English 
  • Employment Rights and Responsibilities (ERR) work booklet 
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)
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    Digital Marketing Apprentice

    Husht Acoustics Ltd

    Author: Liz
    Brief Overview: We are looking for an enthusiastic digital marketing apprentice, to enhance our social media presence and to promote sales using effective marketing strategies. Marketing campaigns using all social media platforms Website management Seo management. Making calls and engaging with existing and potential clients Basic admin. 
    Wage:  £146.25
    Working Hours:

    Monday - Friday: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm. Total hours per week: 37.50.

    Location:  The Stable Block, Pilden Lane, East Ardsley, Wakefield, WF3 2HP.
    Working Towards:

    Level 3 - Digital Marketer standard 

    BCS Certificate in Marketing Principles

    Learn about the fundamental elements of project and programme management and customer relationships marketing and how to increase engagement to retain customers long term.  You will also learn about collaboration tools and how to protect your reputation by limiting the information you post online. This unit also discusses the risks associated with being connected to the Internet, and the security measures that can keep your computer system and your personal information secure.

    Digital Marketing Business Principles

    BCS Certificate in Digital Marketing Business Principles

    Learn the foundations of social media technologies, communication methods and how to engage with consumers using various digital marketing tools. You will build and manage campaigns, develop social media content and learn how to boost brand recognition. You will learn about metrics, analytics and reporting and how risks, reputation, advertising and promoting are managed and maintained.

    Principles in Coding

    CIW Site Development Associate
    Learn essential web page development skills using HTML5 and CSS. You will learn to write code manually, as well as use graphical user interface (GUI) authoring tools. You will work with images, create hyperlinks, and add tables, forms, video and audio to&

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    ICT Apprentice

    Wakefield Grammar School Foundation

    Author: Liz
    Brief Overview: Estio Training have an exciting new opportunity for an ICT Apprentice with Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, is part of one of the country’s leading families of independent day schools based in Wakefield. 
    Wage: £16,200.00 - Annual wage.
    Working Hours:

    37.5 hours a week.


    154 Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3QX

    Working Towards:

    This apprenticeship will give you a Level 4 Network Engineer Standard with training in areas such as:

    • CompTIA A+ Certification
    • Network Principles
    • Network Systems & Architecture
    • Network Security
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    Flexographic Print Apprentice

    Parkside Flexible Ltd

    Author: Liz
    Brief Overview: Apprentice Machine Printer required to join a multi-national company to learn how to maintain and operate print machines for the production of high quality print for the flexible packaging industry.
    Wage: £180.00 per week
    Working Hours:

    Monday to Friday initially working 8:45am to 5pm. Total hours per week: 37.50

    Location:  Tyler Close, Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton, WF6 1RL
    Working Towards:
    • Intermediate Level Print and Printed Packaging Apprenticeship Framework
    • GQA Level 2 Certificate in Machine Printing
    • Maintain health and safety within a print related working environment
    • Communicating and working with others in the print working environment
    • Knowledge of the organisations printing processes and related information
    • Keep equipment clean and in working order for use in the printing industry
    • Set up and run machinery within the print industry
    • Materials handling, transportation and storage
    • Set and use reel handling equipment C&G Level 2 Award in Printing and Graphic Communications - Machine Printing
    • Working in the printing and graphic communications industry
    • Productivity, quality assurance and maintenance in machine printing and print finishing
    • The production printing processes
    • Functional Skill not applicable due to grades required.
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